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Back home, but still a little worrisome.

May. 20th, 2010 | 09:22 am

Alex is back home!!
He has now decided he HATES his new food and we have not been able to get him to touch it.  He was not hungry at all and while he begged for food as always when Ken brought home Chinese for dinner, he hardly touched the tuna offered to him.

We have yet to see him drink and the poor little guy chucked up a hair ball last night (at least he is bathing again!). I gave him a little water this morning with a syringe and he ate some tuna. I think perhaps all the meds he is on are making him either not hungry or even a bit nauseous.

Its still good to have him back home, and I know he is happy to be here. He missed his uncle and his waterbed and spent all night curled up with us.

I will just feel better once he starts eating his new food and drinking on his own. Soon I hope....

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Getting a bit better

May. 18th, 2010 | 01:52 pm

Alex is off his catheter as of this morning. He is still on an IV, but he was able to come off it long enough to have me visit him after work today. He was quite fussy at first, but after piddling in the corner of the room on the tile, he seemed to setter down once I assured him that I was not mad at him.

He almost was able to fall asleep with me, but I think the noise of people walking around kept him from totally being able to snooze.

I plan on going back with Ken later this evening so Alex can see "Daddy" and get a nice combing (as the only thing he lets us use to groom him is one of those cheapy black combs that you find in grocery store check outs, which Ken always has one on him).

Kenohki is being quite clingy. As annoying as his "little" nephew can be, he is clearly missed by his uncle.  Last night I was awakened twice by micro howls and once by the desk being cleared off of most anything mobile by a ten pound cat. Normally that is Alex's job. ^_^;

I am hoping Alex will be able to come home tomorrow, but we will have to see how his blood work looks in the morning.

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I need hugs....

May. 17th, 2010 | 07:45 pm

Alex my seven year old kitty is currently in the hospital.
We took him to the vet on Saturday morning because he was having trouble peeing. This has happened to him before .. so we brought him home with pain meds and antibiotics. Today the bladder infection combined with crystals caused him to become blocked, and not able to relive himself at all.

His kidney levels are a bit off, so he will be there at least two nights to recover from today's trauma ...

I just wish there was more I could do for him... I feel so helpless. :(

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Mar. 26th, 2010 | 09:06 am

Looking to home Appini's heads. Any takers?

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FrankenSOOM Project Update

Mar. 25th, 2010 | 09:46 pm

I finally am getting an Ai R head!
And Jung says she will be able to turn my Beyla hooves into cloven ones!
Yay! Maybe? I am not sure if I want to mod them, but I have time to ponder that.

The question is... will I be soomed by the new MD as well? I know I have to have those ears! Maybe the paws... I won't know until Soom quite with the teaser and gets the rest of the photos up.

I need a few good mystery shops at work.... resin fund is getting drastically low!

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When wilI I learn that being nice bites me in the arse?

Mar. 3rd, 2010 | 09:11 am

 Okay, so I bought a Beyla becuase I found someone wanting to buy the hooves. I was going to use the money from that to buy the Glot hooves I have been wanting. Yay! I told the buyer of the hooves I would not take their money because I wanted to make sure that the hooves arrived to me safely and that I would be abiding by the rules of the marketplace (no selling of items not in your possession).

Now today, a few HOURS before the doll arrives, the buyer BACKS OUT of the sale saying they found someone that can send them sooner and is local.

While I understand the local bit would save them a touch on shipping, I am still rather upset. Now I cannot get the hooves I want and the market is currently FLOODED with the ones I have with no buyers in site. For cripes sake, I would have covered the difference in shipping!

So... anyone want some Beyla hooves?

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(no subject)

Feb. 28th, 2010 | 07:16 pm

These faun head seem to be more elusive than thei real life counter parts.
I sent two PMs to two different people about buying R. Ai heads and BOTH were sold before I could nab them!

On the plus side, Beyla should be on her way tomorrow!

I thought for sure I would be selling her head once I found an R. Ai head, but now I am not so sure. I know I will not be keeping her current faceup, but the mold itself is growing on me.

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FrankenSOOM doll project gets a new start?

Feb. 26th, 2010 | 07:26 am

My quest for Ai may lead to quite the Frankendollie or in this case a FrankenSOOM doll.

Someone emailed me a SPECTACLAR offer on their Beyla since I mentioned I was looking for a Beyla body for my future Ai. Once I get proof of ownership pictures, the FrankenSOOM Project will officially begin!!

Since I did not want her to have horse hooves, I already have a buyer for them and that sale will earn me most of what I need to get the Glot hooves I want.

I have a feeling the hard part will be finding Ai's sleepy head and tail, but time an a will of iron will see me my dream tiny!!

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Finally SOOMed?

Feb. 13th, 2010 | 08:37 pm

Well, I missed out on getting Ai, who I have been wanting since Glot and Glati first came out. ::shakes fit at comupter for crashing, flicks off the library for blocking Korean site, and restrains foot from kicking the PS3 for not being able to handle the flash on Sooms website::, but I may have found someone to sell me one!

Granted I won't have all the cool extra stuff like the hooves and antlers and defult outfit and wig and eyes, BUT I am hopeful I will be able to track down things in the marketplace once the Ais begin to ship next month. Right now I am happy with her faun head and tail to get me started. :)

On a side note, apparently the library will not let you go to a URL with the word "pants" in it. Durring the downtime I was checking the sales at Marshpants.com and the library had it blocked as a spam url. Silly over protective library.

(2/22) Seller backed out... back to square one. :(

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Resin Repost

Jan. 27th, 2010 | 03:36 pm

Well, the DoA is removing old box opening threads. BOO!
I found them quite useful to browse. Good to see both blank dolls and company default faceups.

So... time to archive my old box openings somewhere (at least the ones that where more that simply photos)... so since I am here....

Warning... cuts are GIANORMOUS !

Delf MoonCollapse )

Black Catsy (Now called Marria, cause calling one Catsy and the other Black Catsy reminded me way too much of an episode of Sealab 2021).

::whispers:: Black CatsyCollapse )

I am rather surprised these are the only two I had on the Den, but the one for my first doll was taking with ::gasp:: 35mm film and Nanuri came with an order I placed for a friend so I did not want to drag it out too much and my Elf Moon and Elf Lishe... well, I just was too impatient and just kinda tore into them. Lol!

I am also wondering how I ever lived without Firefox with my horrible spelling....

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